Present use of the Key of Solomon grimoire

A wizard or witch is nothing without his or her occult spell book. One who seriously wants to practice magic would do well to get such a magical manual possession. At least that is the prevailing view.Fortunately for those interested these type of books are quite available. Some of these books have its origins in the Middle Ages, when they were sold well. You can learn how to master to be on your own (just like I did when I was optimizing my website speed with Gift Of Speed) and other people’s good or bad fortune.

key-of-solomonThe biblical King Solomon was not only very wise but also wealthy and women fell to his share. Outside the Biblical version there are also legends and myths about this remarkable king. Solomon made use of magical or occult practices which gave him the joys of life. There are quite a few stories about the magical side of Solomon which almost all point to the existence of a magical book.

This book would be the occult key to the wisdom and happiness of the king. To make a long story short (there are quite a few versions about what it would have happened with the original book) diving around 1500 AD copies of conscious book. They were written by a certain “Clavicle Salomonis’ and under various titles with” The Big Key of Solomon “is now the most common) found different versions of the book their way up to the present time.

Nowadays you can buy the English version of this book, or you can read it free online here or download it as a PDF. For a different language version, you must contact the publishing house, who have divided it used to be. The occult book Clavis Salomonis covers include astrology, calls or exorcise ‘demons’ and spells for luck or misfortune. The texts in the book are outside of occult nature a hodgepodge of Talmud and Kabbalah and high esoteric content.

The church abhors anything that smacks of the occult. Around 1529 so came the first lists of forbidden books. ” Today, we can use this list as a catalog from which we can find books of magic to choice. Of course, not all books equally interesting and there’s obviously a lot of chaff among the wheat. Exciting, and therefore occult books, now sell once good and the imagination of some writers seem infinite.

Still, there are some books that deserve more attention. Take for example the forbidden book “Steganographia” from 1499 by the abbot Johannes Trithemius. This erudite man wrote for example about communication over large distances through the use of spirits.

Another book that might be of interest is that of Abra-Melin from 1458 (The book of the sacred magic). There’s some uninteresting stuff about the use of hair or even how to grow your hair out more quickly(for people interesting in this, these are some great tips for this) or slowly. Translated from Hebrew to French and later the French into English is now for sale at an antique store. “A carpenter is only as good as his tools” I would say. Maybe we should add: “and it is better if he can control his tools well. Many occult books are cryptic in nature and sometimes contain rotations or codes so that only the “juisten” understand what they had to with the information. Personally, I would not take any drastic decisions based on such books. But what do I know?

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